Thursday, October 28, 2010

· What it is Like to Run a Bed and Breakfast

One of our recent guests, Linda LaRoque, asked me, "What is it like to run a Bed and Breakfast?" My answer is below, in green. Linda L. is an author of western contemporary and time travel romance novels! Click on Linda LaRoque's Musings, her blog, where she posted my answer...

What is it like to run a B&B? Without giving it a great deal of thought, I might say that it is much like dancing. Sam and I are partners in this ongoing dance, and when the harmonious music is heard by both of us, the dance is heavenly! However, occasionally one of us may step on the other's toes, or someone may bump into us...and so we take the necessary time - and steps - to readjust to the rhythm. Periodically, the music changes to a different tempo, which can be a bit jarring even when expected, and so again we readjust. More happiness, excitement, variety and adventure are added to the dance when younger dance students (granddaughters) join us. And so it goes—The broad and colorful spectrum of music moving us 'this way and that way' creates a fluid niche in time devoid of boredom. The dance hall fills up seasonally with visiting dancers, who add to the meaning and purpose of our dance, and who generally orchestrate the movements. In short...running a B&B is more like dancing than running.

Linda Brown, Innkeeper, Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast

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