Tuesday, September 14, 2010

· Smiling Bear Espresso Bar, SWEET and SURPRISING Visitors

What could be SWEETER than this tiny visitor at Smiling Bear Espresso Bar? She toted a Schlecher's Root Beer over to the porch swing and made herself comfy-cozy! She and her parents were regulars in the good ole days when Smiling Bear also had a Lunch Cafe...favoring the Buffalo Chili and Wild Chokecherry Kuchen. The Cafe was given up gradually as a second and then third guest room were added to Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast.
Or, how is this for SWEET?...
And what could be more SURPRISING than these hungry visitors from France? The one on the right stretched his legs into the Espresso Bar foyer anticipating something to eat...and we wish we could have accommodated the two of them. They were fresh off the Mickelson Trail, having all the gear representative of having spent some rustic time in the beautiful Black Hills National Forest!
They were directed to the Slate Creek Grille, on the block across Walnut Avenue from Smiling Bear, hoping they would find the bike rack for hitching their horses.

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