Saturday, September 11, 2010

· New Zealand Guests, Cowgirl Turned Bandit

A family from New Zealand stayed at M2P for three nights. Linda (hostess) was enraptured by the family's NZ accent and wanted to know everything New Zealand. Did you know that it was all the fashion for ladies of the early 1900's to wear gloves lined with Possum? - Linda and son Kenneth A. Huff toured NZ when he graduated from high school, and thoroughly enjoyed as much of the NZ culture as they could gather up while there...from a traditional Māori performance and banquet to Glow Worm sitings, and of course dodging Possum; dipping for Mussels; devouring Kiwi and floral-tasting Feijoa fruits. Halley's Comet was soaring the sky at the time, but clouds prevented seeing the event for another 75-76 years. They did see the elusive nocturnal Kiwi bird, in a man-made habitat. - When showing our guest family their temporary habitat, Linda pointed out the white NZ sheep skin at the entrance to the bathroom of the Bluma Madle Suite.

The playful antics of the three young children (including spittin' image twins) were strongly reminiscent of those of our grandchildren during their time here this summer. Seeing the children dressed up in Linda's 'olde' clothes was hilarious—just as it was when Ava and a neighborhood friend of her's first discovered and dug into the boxes stashed in the attic. The NZ girls also discovered some other fun bits and pieces, left behind when Shelby and Ava returned home for the school year. Here are a few more photos...
First night of the New Zealanders' stay,
the older sister takes a break from bug catching...
having come upon our granddaughter Ava's paraphernalia!
One of the twins discovered cowgirl boots and hat!
Except for watch and shorts, this cowgirl found her entire outfit in the attic
...and then moseyed her way to the porch pony!
Linda (...wearing an attic shirt) babysat while the girls romped.
The down vest was Sam's, and the perky tall Irish hat
was part of a costume of Shelby's the year she went to school in Hill City.
Cowgirl turned bandit!
"I had a lot of fun in those blouses, too! Déjà vu...sigh" (Linda)

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