Wednesday, August 11, 2010

· Shopping, then Goodbye (for a while)...

Granddaughters Shelby and Avalon flew home for the school season, after serving breakfast one last time to a family of five, and being rewarded with a generous tip. Sam and Linda (innkeepers) enjoyed observing the knack these good girls have for earning tips; we were rewarded in paying them wages, and proud to see the smart and thoughtful purchases which they made while here: colorful skirts, hiking shoes, gifts for friends - with funds still remaining in their tip cans (seed money for 2011) and in their savings accounts!

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In the picture below, Shelby and Ava are waiting at the airport for their flight home, each wearing the beautiful flowing skirt which they purchased the day before, downtown Hill City (at Just Dandy), with some of their summer earnings. Shelby's BFFL, Mercedes, accompanied us for the shopping excursion and she, too, got to leave the store carrying a colorful skirt! After returning (home) to the B&B, all the girls quickly donned their skirts for our next stop, Circle B Chuckwagon & Cowboy Music Show. ... Shelby also purchased her chartreuse shoulder bag (at Granite Sports during an earlier shopping walk), while Ava's baby blue bag was an advance Birthday gift, so she would have a way to carry her own water bottles on Black Hills adventure hikes!

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