Saturday, June 19, 2010

· Eldery Aunties in Training

Whew! Can hardly catch our breath! The Aunties are enthusiastic trainees, and enjoy learning various facets of the B&B business here in Hill City, South Dakota - but Sam and I are showing our age, dragging a bit behind them. That is to say, we fall asleep before they do while watching the evening movie. :^)

Here's one of them, cooking breakfast in a cool corner of the kitchen...

Monday, June 14, 2010

· Elderly Aunties

There have been recent rumors that the innkeeper's two elderly Aunties will be coming for a visit.
They are still spry in their old age and sometimes even help serve M2P's Bed and Breakfast guests.
If you happen to be here at such a time, watch out for a possible prank, as Aunties have not lost their sense of humor. Look closely...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

· Train Fever?—Think Father's Day on the 1880!

All aboard the 1880 TRAIN, Hill City, South Dakota! Father's Day is June 20, and on their special day Dads get to ride for the price of a child when accompanied by another family member. Reservations must be made in advance. There will be a TRAIN ROBBERY for Dads on the 1:15 pm departure.

Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast/facebook

Here is the calendar for the 1880 Train, to give you the thumbs-up on coming events! (The first event as seen below doesn't count, past tense...but that was just the beginning!)
Champagne, cupcakes and more! Treat your mother to a unique and unforgettable steam train ride through the beautiful Black Hills. Enjoy bubbly beverages, a tasty treat, a delectable dessert, and even an Old West style shootout. This is definitely an adventure your mother will never forget.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

· South Dakota State Railroad Museum Opens

South Dakota State Railroad Museum opened May 1, at 222 Railroad Ave, Hill City, South Dakota. So, if you will be taking the 1880 Train ride this summer, consider visiting the Railroad Museum!

Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast/facebook

Here is an interesting link for railroad buffs...
Benefit Excursion for theSouth Dakota State Railroad Museum will be departing the1880 TRAIN’s Hill City depotat 6:45 p.m. - Saturday, June 19th

Sunday, June 6, 2010

· ZuccRhu

Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast/facebook

In a container on the porch of Mountains To Prairies B&B, we have a 1" zucchini growing at typical stretchneck speed - while, along the boardwalk, the rhubarb is getting way out of control. Here are pics of the zucchini with the most potential, and the rhubarb waiting for dreams to come true. How about ZuccRhu Bread? - brought to you by M2P, Hill City, South Dakota - and I'm serious. :^)

June 9 update: perhaps I spoke too soon in commenting on the stretchneck speed at which the zucchini was growing. Possibly the container is stunting its growth.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

· Yellow Sweet Pea Wild Flowers

Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast/facebook

Yellow Sweet Peas joined the Lilacs on the breakfast tables. Our guests of 5 nights enjoyed Ham Hash, fruit & French Toast made with our own Roughly Oaty Bread. Sam introduced the two syrups as Mrs. Butterworth and her daughter Wild Chokecherry. A Truffle Bluff from the Espresso Bar was set before one of the party...and promptly seconded by another! (The treat had been requested by the lead man as a surprise.)

Friday, June 4, 2010

· Breakfast at Mountains To Prairies

This morning, LILACS are sittin' pretty on the breakfast tables! Our guests are enjoying Sausage-Cheese Strata, Rosemary Potatoes, Sweet Apple Salad...and a little extra sugar (Cinnamon Rolls). The rosemary herb was plucked from a container on our porch, just before chopping and adding to the potatoes.

In the picture, volunteer Sam is stirring up a batch of Wild Raspberry-Strawberry Jam. His first batch was Chokecherry Jelly. We had a run on jam and jelly right at the time of end-of-month bookwork for Linda. Since Sam wanted to replenish the store...he HAD to volunteer.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

· Welcome, Blooming Lilacs!

Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast/facebook

Yesterday, June 1, the lilacs began opening their buds! The sole surviving lilac bush of M2P here in Hill City, South Dakota is finally coming to its scentses, and shares its territory with a budding young chokecherry bush (2nd pic). The only other lilac bush on this property had to be sacrificed to the building project of over five years past, resulting in the right wing of the building and the covered porch.

Click the B&B pic to enlarge it and to enter the brief album.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

· Backside of Mount Rushmore

Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast/facebook

As you can see there really is NOT anything carved on the backside of Mount Rushmore National Memorial (mountain on far right in pic). But, could it be that Mount Rushmore is sending smoke signals to Crazy Horse Monument? :^)

Click the picture to enlarge.

On the far left, looking like a mound of ice cream, is Bald Mountain (i.e. Mount Baldy) - 6,601 feet above sea level.