Wednesday, May 12, 2010

· Special Delivery, from the Bread Fairy!

The afternoon of May 11 a large and completely surprise package was delivered. Since nothing was expected, I asked the delivery man how to send it back, concerned that I may be required to pay for the unknown something if I open the box. Glancing at Sam who was standing behind me, the man then checked the label and assured me that it had my name on it, but I could seal up the package...(further instructions weren't absorbed as I was somewhat dazed). The man glanced at Sam again, smiling as he went out the door.

The mystery box was opened post haste, to reveal a Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme! This was a much desired piece of equipment, but Sam said he hadn't ordered it. Suddenly the thought occurred to me that it may be the very Zoe that I had ordered for 'someone' from 'someone else'...possibly delivered here by mistake. (My heart sunk a bit, admittedly, even though I was very happy for 'someone', who wasn't due to receive this beautiful machine for another 11 days.)

Sam, strangely, didn't think it was a mistake. So I looked closely at the label. It had a billing address on it, not ours, although the destination address was indeed here, with my name. Well, the fog lifted...I clearly recognized the address of the Bread Fairy, immediately accepted the gift and toted it to the kitchen with a baker's supreme joy.

We enjoyed the most incredibly fragrant Italian Herb Bread with our Buffalo Chili last night!!

The first loaf, a tasty whole grain bread!

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