Thursday, April 8, 2010

· Spring Weather Motivation

For several days Sam and I were hunkered down in Hill City,
gazing at pristine spring snowfalls through the windows,
protected by warm walls while the pretty white fluff
drifted lazily outside.

Evenings have been pleasantly cool, ideal for energizing walks.

The unpredictable spring weather has been perfect

for motivating us to the task of cleaning, pricing

and settling down the antiques purchased

on our recent buying trip through warmer states.

And Sam delved into a few indoor carpentry jobs (pic).

Our B&B guests are arriving earlier this year,

and we are happy for the variety of activities their presence creates.

Today, the snow is nearly melted already!

No coat needed.

Sam is in good spirits outside doing a bit of carpentry—

siding a section of exterior wall to match the covered porch,

and to further enhance the cabin-feel of the Chessie Lee's Peas Suite.

When completed, I will post another picture.

This link will take you to a slideshow of the interior of...CLP
(Though not pictured in the slideshow,
CLP now has a comfy loveseat!)

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