Friday, April 16, 2010

· Opening Day and Ongoing Projects

Yesterday morning, Sam continued the task of refinishing one of the B&B's antique breakfast tables. His completed new gate was victoriously checked off his (never-ending) to-do list. He also raked keep his weight down while waiting for me to finish our long shopping list.

Then we spent the remainder of the day in Rapid City. We became very hungry just as we were nearing a new Mexican Restaurant, South of the Border—Excellent food, attentive service...and we recommend it!

This morning, our guests have enjoyed their breakfast and French Vanilla Cappuccino. They are now out and about for the day. Shortly after they left, we opened Smiling Bear Antique Shop and Espresso Bar for the first time this season!

When these guests say good-bye to their Black Hills vacation, Sam will apply more finish to the newly constructed outside wall which compliments the CLP Suite. After a little more elbow grease on the new microwave shelf of the Bluma Madle Suite, shall we give him a 15-minute break? :-)

The RHUBARB is breaking ground fast, and beginning to unfurl...

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