Saturday, April 24, 2010

· Essence of Latte!

Mountains To Prairies Bed and BreakfastHere is our espresso system - made by Salvatore - warming up for the day...Magnifico!

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Our former espresso bean supplier

no longer roasts. Bad news.

But, we called Dark Canyon (Rapid City),

a Black Hills coffee house supplier

where arabica espresso beans are roasted daily.

Given four fresh samples

of various strengths and taste profiles

to take home and try,

yesterday we had a tasting spree.

In between tastes, Sam updated our front signage

to include our Mocha Polka along with

Wild Chokecherry Latte.

Guess what?...Miniscule sleep last night!! Poor Sam,

he is really groggy this morning,

since he actually SWALLOWED all those samples.

Today we will taste-test DECAF.

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