Saturday, April 10, 2010

· April 9 Snowfall Unexpected

APRIL is especially full of surprises, and maybe that is why I love spring best of all seasons, besides just enjoying watching everything spring to life again. As noted and pictured in the previous post, Sam, expecting a stretch of clear skies and warm temperatures, busied himself with outdoor carpentry tasks, including applying finish to boards before applying the boards as siding on the exterior wall. Unexpected snowfall in the afternoon prompted him to transfer the boards quickly to sawhorses positioned beneath the branches of the spruce tree (first picture). He chose not to move the boards to the covered porch, to keep the porch attractive for our guests. Click the link below the three pictures to see the album.

Mountains To Prairies Bed and Breakfast Yesterday (Friday) afternoon, gobs of crystalline snow tumbled from the sky, again. Yippeeee...if only our granddaughter Ava could enjoy it with us. She agonizes over never having seen snow in person, to her remembrance. The pictures were taken at 9:00 a.m. ... 10:00 a.m. would have been too late, as the snow is meltin...

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