Wednesday, January 20, 2010

· Tween and Beyond

Tween and beyond me, that is. Asked if she knows what a tween is, Granddaughter answered that it is someone between 10 years old and a teenager. "That is correct," I replied, "and you are a child, since you are younger than 10, still a single-digit." She quickly retorted, "I am not a child." Puzzled, I asked, "What are you then?" She sat straight up and declared, "I'm a kid." "When did you become a kid?" I wondered. She replied, "Back when I was 5." "Oh, a child is anyone under 5. Okay." After a pause, we began pondering...when and what, then, is a toddler? "A toddler is someone when she can walk with those poofy pants on," she decided (see picture above).

We agreed that a toddler doesn't exist for very long, after first laying low for a year or so as a baby, maybe two years, it all happens pretty rapidly...from baby (then to scooter) to toddler to child...then a long stretch running as a kid, a race in which Granddaughter is a proud participant.

"I can't wait until I'm 9."

"Why?" I asked, surprised.

"Well...welllll...I don't know." She wiggled and giggled.

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