Sunday, June 14, 2009

· The Tree House Loft

Above pictured is a pleasant—always cheerful—teenager comfortably occupying The Tree House Loft for four nights during the first week in June. Her parents felt that their daughter would enjoy having her own relaxing place. The Loft, with its half bath, is upper level in the Chessie Lee's Peas Suite, and is an optional space. This contented young lady is an avid reader, and found the shelving unit next to the bed useful. 

Most recent guests in the Loft were a sparkling young girl and her lively little brother, for three nights. They looked through the shelving unit to see between the pine posts behind it, to view the TV on the lower level. On the night prior to their leaving date, the excited boy told us that the pillows up there are like parachutes!  
(This had us rather curious, so after they left we went up to see for ourselves. Sure enough, Sam could imagine parachutes out of those pillows! And Linda noticed that the parachutes hadn't bumped into any flying birds as they went down—No feathers to be found.  :-) 
On the main level, the oldest brother claimed The Nook; while the youngest, 2-year old brother slept on an air mattress behind Mom and Dad's bed. On more than one occasion, the parents said that Chessie Lee's Peas was perfect for their family.

(Photo at top was provided by the girl's mother with permission to post. This family also loved the suite and said they will be back!)

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