Wednesday, June 3, 2009

· Mickelson Trail Near Hill City

Just south of Hill City along the Mickelson Trail,
here is one relic of laborious pioneering history...

Visitors may also discover similar sights while
strolling north along the Trail.

Two springtime guests, in the Bluma Madle Suite,
enjoyed a walk on the Mickelson Trail before breakfast.
A short distance from Hill city, going north,
they spotted a few foxes at early-morning play.
They were fortunately quick with the camera...

No, that is not a contortionist fox,
but rather it is two fox pups,
one diving in and the other wiggling out.

Some of the locals who live next to the Trail
are unabashed beggars for affection...

And below is part of a Breyer horse collection
belonging to a recent 11-year old guest, 
who found a vacant shelf useful for corralling the herd.
She and her grandmother stayed in the
Chessie Lee's Peas Suite for 7 nights. Delightful pair!
The grandmother is an experienced, energetic hiker
living in the Colorado Rockies—
and while vacationing here,
she kept herself fit on the Mickelson Trail.

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