Thursday, May 7, 2009

· Guest Comment - German

Recent guests from Colorado consisted of Mom, Pop, their delightful little lady, and the girl's Grandmother. They all were a pleasure to have with us for their five-day springtime visit to the Black Hills. We showed them our BEAR picture of the weekend's adventure, trying to decide whether it truly is a bear in the back of the mine shaft—but only God knows for sure, and the bear. 

The girl is a rockhound, so we contributed a couple of rocks to her collection. She was particularly fond of the mica, a few pieces of which adorn a tray on one of our tables.

The Grandmother is from Germany.  We brought her an antique miniature framed hand-painted Germany red deer picture for her analysis, with the added question of whether it may have originated from the Black Forest. She suggested a loupe for discovering of what metal the frame is made, and translated the script on back of the piece. Her beautifully written comment in our guest book needed translating, too, so she graciously offered to read it, indicating that the longest word is akin to hospitality.

We thank all of our guests for their friendship and stories shared!

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